Mixed Coffee Case Study

August 7, 2021

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Mixed Coffee - Starting a Digital Presence from Scratch

The Client 

Mixed Coffee is a local business based in Mill Creek, WA, providing high quality coffee, teas, and food to Mill Creek and surrounding areas. Our client was preparing for their grand opening in a community that already had many established coffee shops. 

The Brief 

Mixed Coffee came to us to build a website and marketing plan to steamroll their competition. Their main goal was to increase awareness of their coffee shop, in hopes of bringing many new customers to their store. As a brand new business, we were building a marketing plan that needed to provide massive results quickly, while also being cost effective to keep overhead low. 

Grew reach by over 13,500 searches
Provided 524 new customers
Created revenue value of $245,232/year

The Problems 

Just like running a business, building a brand new business from steps 0 to 1 is a much greater feat than taking a business from steps 1 to 5. The same can be said for building an online presence. Mixed Coffee was entering a market where the top competitors for search terms like “coffee mill creek” and “mill creek coffee”. The competition had been there for multiple years and the two biggest ones each had over 150+ reviews on google with the incredibly high ratings to go with it. 

With odds stacked against us, we would have to create and execute a thorough plan to surpass the competitions established and large digital presence. Most digital marketing agencies would shy away from the challenge but at Polar Creative we don’t let any hurdle intimidate us. 

Within 2 months of opening Mixed was the #1 ranked coffee shop in its area.

The Solution 

We first discussed short term and long term goals. In doing so we gained an idea of what Mixed Coffee wanted to achieve. We took details of what they wanted, and then began to create a marketing plan to best suit their needs to bring in new customers and build brand credibility. We had a month before their grand opening, and the pressure was on to create a top notch plan. 

With no data to work with since Mixed Coffee was a new business, we took into account what they had, what they were missing, and what separated them from their biggest competitors. Mixed Coffee values community and people like no other, their excellent customer service, and quality products that we experienced during soft openings made us confident we could get them to where they wanted to be. 

We then created a plan centered around building an engaging website and focusing solely on their local SEO to maximize results and keep the budget affordable. 

Then we showed them our plan, we made sure they understood that taking over market share would not be easy, but we could do it as long as we worked together as a team. 

We went in and fixed their GMB (google my business listing) to be fully optimized for high traffic keywords like “mill creek coffee” and “coffee mill creek”. 

We also made sure that their website would contain a high density of these keywords as well for google to easily analyze their location. 

With our foundation setup, we needed to start building momentum to rapidly boost Mixed Coffee’s digital. 

We told Mixed Coffee the strategies they needed to execute themselves daily to skyrocket their business. They were simple and effective tips and have now produced incredible results. 

Within the first 4 weeks of Mixed opening, over 8500+ reached them through google searches.

The Results: 

After 2 months of executing our strategies, and building their foundation Mixed Coffee has went from being non-existent on the first 3 pages of google when you search “coffee mill creek” and “mill creek coffee” to now being the 1st organic search result for “coffee mill creek” and ranked 3rd for “mill creek coffee”. 

These two search terms alone, along with our local seo have brought in 13,571 unique visitors in less than 3 months (End of May 2021 - July 2021). With our strategies, and Mixed Coffee’s great execution, they also now have 50+ reviews on Google. 

Over 13,500+ new customers discovered Mixed within the first 2 months of opening due to our reach optimization.

The average customer spends $13/visit and visits 3 times a month. Mixed Coffee provided us data that our direct efforts provided 524 customers. This means that at a rate of $39/mo per customer, we generated the revenue value of $245,232/year.

Working together, we at Polar Creative are proud to say Mixed Coffee is now an established and dominant small business that will continue to thrive and serve the Mill Creek and beyond areas. 

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