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August 6, 2021

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Why You Need a Better Website

And how to make it happen.

Has business been slow lately?

Your website (or the lack of one) could be the problem. 

Even if you have a website, it might be more of a liability than an asset if you haven’t updated it in a while.

It can be hard to set aside time to improve your website when you’re devoted to running a business. But these days, a good website is not a luxury.

A good website creates a valuable first impression on your potential customers. In fact, customers will form an opinion of your business in 0.2 seconds based on what they find there. 

If your website appears sloppy or outdated, your visitors will assume that your business is sloppy and outdated as well. They will be less likely to trust you and eventually do business with you.

We know that Google search has replaced the yellow pages as a quick and efficient way for consumers to locate goods and services. Once they find your way to your site, it’s your one opportunity to wow them.

Just as we put effort into creating an attractive and professional impression for bricks-and-mortar premises, it’s equally important to give that impression with our website.

Here are some of the qualities that make a website appealing. 

It loads quickly.

In today’s world, slow loading speed is one of the cardinal sins of websites. If visitors and potential customers have to wait for your site to load, it will send them away just as quickly as a bad business transaction. All they have to do is return to the search results to find another site that gives them what they’re looking for faster.

It’s easy to navigate.

Your visitors want to quickly locate whatever information they came to find. Make the navigation clear and simple so that they don’t have to work too hard. If it’s unclear where they can find needed information, they’ll be quick to leave. By simply adding a search bar and clear headings, you can greatly simplify things for them. Another helpful addition: well-placed and attractive CTA buttons that encourage visitors to make a purchase or to learn more.

It’s easy to read.

Stay away from unusual fonts and colors. Stick with a clear, legible font and keep it consistent throughout. Make sure your text is large enough to read, but not so large that it dwarfs everything else on the page.

It’s mobile-friendly.

Ideally, your website should be responsive enough that viewers can easily access it no matter what kind of device they are using. According to research, 50% of Internet users believe that your business doesn’t care about its web presence if they’re not able to view your site from a mobile device. The easiest way to make this happen? Use a responsive design that automatically adjusts to the device the visitor is using.

It’s branded consistently.

A professional-looking website looks consistent throughout, with fonts and colors remaining the same on every page. This smooth, professional look gives an impression of trustworthiness and helps people associate your website with your company branding. It helps if you create a “style guide” for your website which people can refer to whenever they add text, logo, or visuals to the site.

It has plenty of visual appeal.

Besides loading time, the first thing a visitor will notice is the visual appeal of your site (or the lack of it). Any images or video on your page should be chosen and placed with great care. Be vigilant about only adding images that provide value or help illustrate your overall message. Superfluous or irrelevant images can give an impression of sloppiness. And who needs that?

It offers valuable content.

If you offer visitors something of value, they’ll return again and again, making repeat visits and conversions much more likely.  It’s also a great way to build an impression of trustworthiness by establishing yourself as an expert.Try starting a blog with useful articles and tips. Don’t forget to update it with fresh content on a regular basis. 

To remain competitive as a business in today’s world, a good website is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity.

With the right website design, you can not only take on the competition, but maybe even leave them in the dust.

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