Awakening NW

Branding, Web Design


Awakening NW is a Christian Music Festival based in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Washington State. They needed help putting together a site that demonstrated that this concert was family friendly, but at the same time not meant for only families. They wanted to show that all ages, including judgmental teens, would be able to enjoy the festivities

What we've done

1. Demographic Color and Typography Discovery

2. Web User Interface Design

3. Web User Experience Design

Awakening NW Line-up

We've got work to do

Awakening NW wanted the website complete within 10 days of signing the contract so to say we were on a tight deadline doesn't do it justice.

Luckily, Polar Creative prides ourselves in our ability to make ends meet and we were able to finish the completed website within the time restraints and without losing design quality.

Awakening NW asked as to help them make a

— responsive website

— festival line-up

— partner display

— way to purchase tickets

— place for people to get involved (partners, vendors, volunteers, and youth groups)

— donation button

— newsletter sign-up

— Spotify playlist

— F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

— embedded Instagram posts

— sponsors grid

— way to contact

Through the use of full screen landing page along with a handpicked typography and color palette, Polar Creative was able to show to prospective concert goers that this event was going to be fun!

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